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How to Pack a Week of Salads That Stay Fresh Till Friday (fitsugar)

Eating a big salad at least once a day is a great way to maintain healthy habits. Don't have time to cut up a salad every single night? Here's a way to make all the salads you need for your workweek at once. Follow these simple salad-making rules, and your meal will taste just as fresh on Friday as it does on Monday!
This is just a general guide with lots of room for creativity. Even though you're making all five salads at one time, you can still make them all a little different with the types of toppings and dressings you use for each one. It's a great way to save time and money and ensure you're getting a dose of daily veggies for health and weight loss.

How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits | The Nutrition Post

Learning healthy eating habits from the ground up –

Learning healthy eating habits from the ground upnwitimes.comWHITING | A new generation of vegetable and fruit lovers is blooming along with the produce they are growing at Nathan Hale Elementary School, 1500 Center St. Students in kindergarten and second-grade classes gathered under bright sunny skies Friday …


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Ready for new healthy eating habits?

Im ready to change my eating habits to start off the summer being as healthy and fit as I can be. I dont eat junk food all the time, but i think its best to forget about them for now. Id like to eat lots of healthier organic foods for snacks, etc. That I can eat each day. So far I take daily calcium & omega 3 fish oil vitamins in the morning, and another calcium at night (helps me sleep better) any recommendations for great healthy snacks for when i got to the grocery store this weekend? Thanks!

Posted by m/(<.>)m/

Good for you Adam!

You are on the right track and I commend you for taking this stance.

We all should be eating healthier if we want to feel at our optimum.

Snack foods for me that I like to munch on is organic carrots, celery. Try using Kale (I like to season with natural spices and boil like collard greens) Kale is a bit tough so I wouldn't eat that raw.

Also, crunch on some almonds, walnuts. Avoid processed foods, butter, white flour, sugars and look at your labels and stay away from High Fructose.

Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies eat them raw or cooked. Continue with your vitamin regimen.

I also love eating hummus (chickpeas) usually found in Health Food stores. Also, look for sweet potato chips (yummy) love to use that to dip in my hummus.

Eat fresh fish if possible and eat hormone free chicken and meats.

Keep up the good work you're on your way to eating Healthy!

Healthy eating habits and workout routines? :)?

Hiya everyone :)

So, let me explain something about myself. I'm a teenage girl, and I'm thin. I'm not trying to lose weight or become skinnier, but I'd like to tone my legs, arms, abs, etc. The problem is I HATE working out and I HATE sweating – it's really not my thing! I don't mind eating healthy, though – I enjoy it, but I am not a big fruit or veggie person. I eat them, no problem, but not extensively. I mainly stick to apples, on the odd occasion strawberries, grapes, etc. Veggie-wise, I eat quite a wide variety apart from brussel sprouts – those things shouldn't exist :(

Anyway. I have a typical teenage diet – sort of healthy, sort of unhealthy. This is mainly what I eat for my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Cereal (usually like a chocolate cereal but with lots of milk for calcium, I love milk!) and a cup of tea (either normal breakfast tea or fruit tea depending, but I don't like green tea.) On weekends I switch it up and have toast with ham and cheese (only 2 slices, 1 plain) and some tea or hot chocolate.

Midmorning, I usually have a snack – this consists of a small pack of chips, a small chocolate, some biscuits and a fruit juice (keep in mind I have to sustain my energy levels until lunchtime at school!)

Lunch: It varies between sandwiches, chicken nuggets, pasta salads, etc. A bottle of water also, and whatever snack I have leftover that I didn't eat at snacktime.

When I get home from school I usually have a small plate of pasta, be it lasagne or whatever. I'll also have it with iced tea, water or hot chocolate.

Dinner: This is the healthiest of my meals. Always either white rice or potatoes, with a protein that is always grilled, we don't fry our food. We also always have a veggie, so corn, peas, carrots, a combination of all three or whatever is in season :)

After dinner I don't snack, but I'll have a cup of non-caffeinated tea before bed because it's relaxing :) I never drink coffee or soda, nor do I put heaps and heaps of sugar in my tea (I never put in my hot chocolate).

Like I said before, I'm skinny, and I don't seem to put on the weight. I don't use this as an excuse not to do anything, but I just haaatteee working out! I sort of consider walking around school an excersise! :(

Are my eating habits alright? Or should I change them a little bit? And can anyone recommend some easy workouts that don't take a lot of time? Will my eating habits affect me when I'm older?

Thanks a bunch, everyone! :)

Posted by Summer Love. ♥

I actually see the way you eat as very healthy! You are eating alot of the right foods, and it seems like you are eating five to six times a day! (which is very good because it means that your metabolism is constantly fired up). I wouldnt worry about your eating habits at all, but if you want to get some exercise, then all you really have to do is go running or something. I know that you may think its stupid and whatnot, but its some of the best exercise you can do (the sweat will grow on you) :) Also yoga is a decent alternative (except its better as an accessory to exercise, or Pilates. Both of those go very good together and they are a very relaxing and comfortable way to work out without a ton of that nasty sweat! If you're looking to tone up, definitely do pilates. Its a very feminine way to work out, but also, make sure you drink some chocolate milk or something after (anything high in protein) so your muscles can regenerate and get bigger. Good luck!

Eating and psychological problems?

I was always a healthy child. I ate and drank what I was suppose to, but this year that somehow changed. I stopped eating as much and some time after that I stopped drinking as much too. I didn't think it was much of a problem since I seemed fine, I was always overweight and I finally lost enough to be an average 130. But I also got sick, after 5 months worth of doctor visits, they finally found the problem. I didn't have enough nutrition. I thought it was going to be easy to change, but it's not.
The first part is I'm very picky, I won't eat a lot of foods either from bad experience or having too much of it. When I find something I like, I eat it until I hate it. Another part is that I just don't like eating in general, I'm always afraid I'll throw it up or get sick, I guess that's from experiences too. And another part is because my family is fat. I don't want to end up like them, so I'm afraid to eat. I just don't know what to do about this, I can't go anywhere because we live in a very small town surrounded by country side, the nearest town is about an hour away. I have no friends and I'm home schooled, both of those reasons are because I have a bad past in school. So I kind of just sit at home on the computer all day, barely get any exorcise because I live in frickin' Wisconsin where it's always either unbearably cold or unbearably hot. So I'm basically turning into an anorexic teenager with no life, what can I do to change this? I'm basically most focused on the eating habits, keep in mind.

Posted by xYxCrossingOverXzX

Omigosh, I underwent a change in my eating habits this year too. For the best and worst. The best is I develouped healthy choices on foods, the worst is that I had develouped anorexia.
To spre you my long story, Im over my anorexia stage, and if it wasnt for my parents, I would be hospitilized care riight about now. However, I had develouped binge eating as well, but got over than too. I, too, have food on my mind alot (calories, grams of fat, how much I am burning etc.) which still means I have a problem. But it is all in the enoirment there to help you. You family and conslelars are all there for you. You cant do this alone. This is all because you are bored, scared and ambushed. Dont let something like food drive you life. There is a whole world out there and so many thigns to do…food ISNT you life.

You will not be fat. It depends on the persons eating and activity habits, not their mental state. Just because you think fearfully of food and swallow a peice of chocolate doesnt mean it goes starght to your thighs. It takes a long period of time to gain weight. When I had to gain weight (about 10 pounds) it took a long to time to get back to health. No, I didnt gain a pound everyday. It takes time. I assure you you wont gain weight in a day from even an indulgence unelss you TRIED to do it-which means binge. Nodobay gets fat over night. Its the long run on the majority of you life of how healthy you eat and how active you are.

Your relatiohsip with food should never be "abusive". Food it a nutritional supplement and if your gas for you (speaking as you are a car) it isnt a sick game in which how many calories of grams of fat you eat. It is somthing you should both enjoy and benefit from it and not stress about. To "benefit" form foo means to eat healthy. Bad processed food has no benefits.

Distract youserlf with instrest and dont stress. Read a book, go out to o stuff, listen to music, focus on you teachings, but dont think about food unless you sense you stomach growling or your hungry.

Food is a natural human pleasure. It isnt a taboo thing like media sometimes portrays it to be, or vise-versa surrounds in. Food is you life in a way, without it you die. Too much of it you die. Food is not an enemy. It isnt out there to make you fat. It is YOUR choice and your chouce alone.

Eat healhty, exercise and drink plenty of water. Meanwhile betweem meal and snack times, dont fret. Think about the REAL things in life. Just clear your mind. Pray and joke about your problem.

PS Its freakishly cold where I live too right now, but I sitll find time to exercise in the house. And no, I dont have a built in gym. Its called resistance bads, jumping jacks, pushups, dancing, youtube videos on different calisthenics and yoga and protein shakes after words. I alo have a trampoline for those unusual sunny days.

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