Exercises for the Elderly

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Exercises for elderly obese people?

My grandmother is 80 years old. She is also morbidly obese. Because of the obesity she has heart problems, joint pain etc. I would really like to help her regain some strength so she can regain mobility. But, I don't know how I could possibly get her to walk or even stand for more than 5 minutes. If anyone has any exercises that will slowly help her regain some strength without compromising her health, please suggest. Thanks. Question to professionals: Is it possible to hope that she can lose weight at this age and stage of immobility?
Her doctors prescribe medication that doesn't work, and she has gotten bypass surgery as well. Most currently, her doctor suggested physiotherapy.

Posted by CuriousFever

She really should see a doctor before beginning any type of exercise.
A doctor needs to give her the OK to start exercising first.
After that get her walking as much as she can. Over time she will be able to walk for longer periods of time and lose weight.

What's a good exercise program for elderly people?

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Water exercise groups and swimming. Swimming does not place stress on the joints and such like other forms of exercise.

Yoga, is another way to get a good workout.

Walking is good as my MIL has done this since her heart surgery and she is doing great.

Hope I helped somewhat.

Exercise techniques for elderly woman?

My grandma is 66 years old and has put on around 70-75 pounds since she had open heart surgery. She's looking to slowly lose that extra weight but in easy amounts.

If anyone would be willing to provide some easy, yet transforming work outs I'd be very thankful.

She is 66 and has developed a heart problem a few years ago. She had heart surgery and things helped for a while but she still does has a blockage in her artery. My grandma also has severe arthritis in her back and legs. (Her legs are feeling much better lately though) She has a bouncing exercise ball and 2lb weights. She is interested in earning more upper strength and chest strength as well as some cardio and leg habits. Nothing too hard please! Thank you so much! (:

Posted by Audiana Hadley

Hi, i am chris hansen with dateline NBC and we are doing a story on how to get people in there 60s to exercise. Firstly you could go to a shop and buy an exercise dvd and just follow the steps on that or if she wants to achieve six pack abs, do 20 push ups and sits ups a day eat 3 meals a day meat is good make sure to get lots of protein coca cola provides most of this.although 60 year old tend to have extremely unattractive bodies and wear large clothes to cover there hideous bodies up so the most easy and quickest and cheapest option is to send her to an old peoples home maybe i will see her on my show to catch a predator where we recently raided an old peoples home for hundreds of child molestations i told them to take a seat and they happily accepted.

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