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Why as Many Reps as Possible Is the Best Way to Train (fitsugar)

Why Shape says paying attention to the clock instead of counting reps is your ticket to a stronger body._
Professionally, I am known as a bodyweight specialist who uses time as a measure of progression. I train this way with everyone from celebrities to those who are fighting obesity or in rehabilitation situations.
What I have found is that training by measuring the number of reps presents a few key issues: it doesn’t encourage you to place muscles under stress for a maximum amount of time, which creates optimal results; it can lead to improper form since you feel you must eke out those 15 squat jumps; and – most imperatively in my opinion – you may fail to complete the prescribed reps, which could lead to feelings of negative self-worth.
I began to see significant improvements when I started training individuals to perform as many reps as personally possible within a designated time frame. This is why:
**1. It Works for Any Fitness Level**
The time that it takes to perform 12 pushups varies greatly from one individual to the next. Let’s look at this example: One woman may press out a certain number in 10 …

A Winning Combination: Proper Nutrition & Exercise - The Challenge

MISSION FITNESS: Creating the exercise habit – Odessa American

MISSION FITNESS: Creating the exercise habitOdessa AmericanHere are a few tips on how to effectively form new and good exercise habits. Set Small, Specific Goals. One of the keys to starting a new workout plan is to set small, realistic goals. It’s not realistic to spend every waking moment at the gym, but …

Questions and Answers

Can someone lose weight without exercise?I weigh 205lbs and I’m 5’7″. How many calories should I consume if I want to lose weight with no exercise? I already know what foods I should eat, but I’m receiving mixed opinions about calorie intake. Please no hurtful comments, as you do not know my situation.

Posted by Krys
MadsProper eating habits are easier to form if first we remember that what we eat needs to be pleasing to the eyes and then it needs to be pleasant to the taste. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and so it is in forming proper eating habits.

Good exercises for getting rid of cellulite?Ok so im 20. Im 5’8″ and weigh about 130 lbs. I know im underweight for my height trust me im not anorexic i eat anything and dont gain weight. So dont tell me to go eat a cheeseburger. I eat pretty healthy, i munch on baby carrots and water all day and have my small portioned meals. But im not trying to lose weight. I want to tone thats all. Believe it or not i have a bit of cellulite. My butt and back of my legs needs toning. I do have saddle bags but they arent bad i just want to know if there are specific ways to get rid of cellulite. Possibly some butt lifting exercises. I already do squats, lots of walking. I just walked 6 miles on a trail the other day. I do pony kicks or donkey kicks. Leg lifts. Thigh lifts. Ive been recently doing some yoga and i feel great i just want a nice tone butt and thighs. So any advice, specific exercises or tips would be great!

Thank you in advance!

Posted by Jessica
MadsThe word “tone” has no definition so it’s a good word to avoid. And your problem is not about exercise.

Here’s the sad truth about cellulite. Cellulite is not fat, it’s a genetic-based condition involving an uneven distribution of adipose and collagen tissues and once you have it, you will probably have it for life. However, because cellulite involves fat, you may be able to reduce the prominence of it by burning fat. Unfortunately, cellulite seems to present in those areas where fat tends to leave last…buttocks and thighs. So, reducing the cellulite effect will, for most people, require burning excess fat to a very low body fat percent….something which usually means a serious lifestyle change and commitment to proper eating habits for life with no guarantees.

Exercise won’t help beyond burning a few more calories so plan your workouts around fitness goals such as excellence in a sport or occupation, strength, endurance, flexibility, systemic fitness, general health and well being, body sculpting, body composition, etc. Don’t exercise with the hope it will help make cellulite disappear because it won’t.

Here’s an excerpt from an article from the US National Institute of Health, the people your doctor listens to.

“A great deal of money is spent by people who want to rid themselves of cellulite, but no amount of weight loss, exercise, massages, wraps, creams, supplements, or surgery has proven to effectively eliminate it once you have it. Liposuction, for instance, is not recommended for cellulite, and may even make it look worse.”
Ref: Http://…

You can learn more about cellulite by following the links below.

You cannot lift your butt. Muscle doesn’t sag unless it is very old muscle lacking in tonus from old age. You can workout your glutes but if you walk and climb stairs on a regular basis, they get a workout routinely and more exercise isn’t going to do any “lifting”.

The reason butt lift scams are so popular is because women add fat to their bottoms and, when they do, it fills the lower hemispheres imparting a sagging sort of look to the butt. Then they look at that and think their butt has sagged when it’s really only fat suspended below the muscle.

Building the butt muscles with strength training (lunges, squats, etc) will not lift your bum, it will only make it larger. And, it won’t become very much larger because women have poor potential for muscular hypertrophy owing to their low level of testosterone. And, if you did do butt exercises, you would have to use very heavy weights because aerobics will not effect the muscles appearance in any significant way. And, you would have to continue to train the glutes for as long as you wanted the larger muscle because if you don’t, you lose it.

If you do a quick Google for “Butt lift” you’ll see thousands of pages of junk information about a huge variety of ways to “lift” the butt. And, they are almost all scams. The only real butt “lift” is not even a lift. Check with any cosmetic surgeon and you’ll learn that butt lifting is no more than fat removal…lipo of the derrière…or butt enlargement which involves implants which are very similar to breast augmentation.

Read this article about butt lifting –> Http://… and note the excerpt: “Butt lift surgery is usually performed on those with large amounts of loose, hanging skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thighs.”

So, that should tell you what the saggy bottom problem really is and it has nothing to do with poorly developed butt muscles. It’s really all about fat or the loose skin left when the patient has lost the fat through diet which is usually required prior to surgery. So, the solution to saggy bottom is really fat loss and the key to fat loss is diet, not exercise. Here’s why.

Any exercise will burn calories but no exercise will burn fat unless your diet allows it. You can burn fat in your sleep or you can run all day and never burn any fat. It all depends on your diet.

Fat loss is determined by calorie control, not by exercise. Good exercises for burning calories are walking, running, biking, swimming, and ANY other physical activity which makes you move a lot of weight for a long time. But NO exercise is good for burning fat if you eat too many calories because you can always eat more calories than you can burn.

So, if you feel you need a butt lift, clench your cheeks and feel them. You’ll feel the muscle is tight and the rest is fat. That’s your proof that the problem is fat, not muscle and the solution is diet, not exercise. And, because spot fat removal is a myth, butt exercises are not going to burn fat from the caboose.

Good luck and good health!!

What is a good exercise to increase your height?I am 16 years old and I am about 5 foot 4 inches. My dad is 5 foot 5 inches and my mom is 5 foot 1 inch. I know I won’t be very tall but I at least want to be 5 foot 8 inches. What can I do to reach my goal.

MadsSome height increasing exercises, along with proper diet and better sleeping habits, may help aid the growing process. You can find some here


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