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Get Your Metabolism Soaring in the Morning With These Tricks (fitsugar)

Want to turn your body's fat-burning potential up a notch? Check out these five ways to wake up and up the calorie burn.
1. **Exercise**: That dawn workout doesn't just put a pep in your step; exercising in the morning also helps boost your metabolism, more than exercising at other times of the day. Studies have shown that people who exercised in the morning burn more calories than those who exercise at other times of the day, so lace up your sneaks and greet the sun for an added calorie burn.
2. **Add intensity**: Good news for the time-strapped: a recent study found that a simple intense 2.5-minute burst of exercise can lead to an increased afterburn all day – up to 200 calories worth, in fact. Need ideas on how to add intensity to your workouts? Here are five short exercises that will help you burn extra calories fast.
3. **Don't delay breakfast**: Don't skip breakfast just because your day is hectic; eating in the morning helps keep your body at its metabolism-boosting best. Eat a filling breakfast soon after you wake up so your body will be ready to …

Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes in 20 Minutes

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer on new football summer workout rules: 'More is not … – The Post-Standard

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer on new football summer workout rules: 'More is not …The Post-StandardBasketball allows up to two hours of on-court skills training. Football still prohibits any on-field skills work unless the players voluntarily organize it, something Shafer is happy to see stay. "I think there's a fine line there," Shafer said. "I …and more »

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Anyone got a cool tasty snack recipe it dosnt have to be healthy i workout alot?

I am not a good cook and i dont have too much miney so…

Posted by 3 Starz


Since you're not a good cook and don't have much money, you should check out this website. It's full of cheap, simple, and healthy (some are not so healthy) recipes. One I like but isn't on here is noodles on toast. All you need to do it cook a packet of instant noodles (curry flavour is my favourite) and serve it on buttered toast, with soy sauce if you want.

Need workout meal plans?

Hello All,

Thank you for taking a moment to read my question! I'm trying to get toned up and need a workout plans/eating guides. Any advice will helps alot.

Thank you,
5'7 180lbs Male.

Posted by Steven K

I have plenty of healthy recipes, snacks and other diet advice on my youtube channel below so be sure to check it out. All free advice! Link below.

I want to get healthier?

Ok i am 14 and i want to get healthier not go on a diet just be healthy. I do exercise maybe i could more. I am just looking for some great exercise workouts and healthy recipes. Please no rude comments just advice. Thanks.
Thanks for all the comments. I have tried multivitamins but they make me sick to my stomach. I talked to my doctor and she says nothing is wrong. I will try all of these and thanks again for your answers.

Posted by Jennifer

Hello! I have some advice on how to be healthy that you may not have heard before, and I assure you it is valid.

First know this: your mental state and your physical body are intrinsically linked. The more calm and happy your mind is, the healthier you body will be. Try to take some time out each day to meditate. A lot of people dismiss meditation because they think it entails a certain thing, but know this: you can meditate in any damn way you choose. There are a million ways to meditate, and they are all equally valid.

One way of meditating for bodily health is to focus positive energy on your various body systems. You do not have to have a huge knowledge of science or the human body or meditation to do any of this. It could be something like this:

Focus on your lungs, breathing in and out. Smile as you do so. Focus positive thoughts and energy while thinking about your lungs.

Although it may sound silly, this simple exercise and others like it can have PROFOUND effects on your health, and will improve your mental state. Meditating every day will improve your clarity of thought, and keep you grounded in your true self.

Also, try to have FUN when you exercise. This can make all the difference in the world. When you are having fun, your body and mind open up more, and this is ALWAYS a good thing. Again, you don't have to be a fitness expert to understand these concepts.

Many people struggle with fitness and meditation because they continuously convince themselves they are doing things wrong; they can't stop judging themselves, so they quit. Don't be your own worst critic, just have as much fun as possible and forget about judging yourself or other people judging you.

Yoga is a simple and easy way to improve your health and mood drastically. You can find instructions online, but you can also make your own yoga routines. Just don't push yourself too hard! When I do a hour of yoga, I feel fantastic afterwards, and the feeling lasts. It's always better to do these types of things to feel good, rather than trying to do drugs or other crap. TRUST ME.

Whatever you get into, be your own best friend and have fun with it. Try not to criticize yourself too much, or you will never want to try anything new. Exercise in ways which make you the happiest, and mediate in some way each day. Again, meditating can take many forms, which you can create yourself. A lot of people will try to tell you there is a "correct" way to meditate, but there is not. Meditate in a way which makes you happy and at peace with yourself, and your body will appreciate it. I will leave you with some meditation tips:

Don't judge yourself
Watch the thoughts that arise in your mind, and see them all as just thoughts and nothing more
Focus on your breath
Focus on finding your true self and your highest calling in life
Be happy! Don't tell yourself you're doing it wrong, there is no wrong way.

I sincerely hope this advice helps you!

This Summer, Shape Up Like A Pro

To show that you don't have to spend a lot to feel like a million bucks, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of got milk?, has teamed up with professional surfer and model Courtney Conlogue, to bring free surf fitness and nutrition tips to all Californians. With her surf-inspired moves and advice, Conlogue promises to help everyone feel great this summer. "Proper diet and ……

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