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Fitness and easting habits?

I am 20, 5'7 and about 138…I work full time and have an office job, so I'm pretty unactive at work. I don't consider myself fat, my legs are very muscular and so is my stomach but I just have some fat covering them. And little love handles that I want to get rid so I have more curve.

I was wondering if the lean cuisine meals are suitable for lunch and/or dinner, since I don't have a lot of time to make food.
For breakfast I usually do special k with a banana or something. Then I have my fat free yogurt, apples or a low calories snack few times during the day.

Are there any supplements I should take…protien shakes…
What would be a good eating plan and workout plan.
I try to do 30 min of cardio when I go to the gym. Would walking a mile on lunch be a good i dea to squeeze in… Help!
I never said I wanted to do it without exercise, thanks.

Posted by TEA

For optimum health and fitness you need to consume as little processed foods as possible. All of those chemicals have nothing but a negative effect on the metabolism and health in general. Humans are not designed to ingest such foods

the more whole foods in your diet the healthier you will be and the leaner you will be. So you need to 86 the Special K which in reality is garbage, only Kellogg claims it's healthy. Looking at the list of ingredients basically tells you that it's not. The longer the list of ingredients in a food item the more heavily processed it is and the less nutrients it will actually provide despite what the label and manufacturer may claim. The same goes for low calorie microwaveable meals, they are loaded with chemicals. For lunch make a salad and put some form of protein in it, this can be eggs, seafood, lean beef, poultry, etc. For dinner it takes about 10 minutes to broil some fish and steam some veggies.

I would also add in some resistance training. Cardio has no effect on increasing bone mineral density so if you want to reduce the odds of you developing osteoporosis when you are older you need to start using weights.

What's your 'Healthiest Habit'?

With so many fad diets, food charts, and fitness plans out there, it's hard to know what being healthy really means these days. What's your healthiest habit?

Posted by GRG

I eat breakfast EVERY day. I have to. I wake up and my stomach is grumbling. Also, it HAS to be healthy food, otherwise I feel gross all day.

Help with fitness plan?

I just joined Goodlife fitness center(in canada) and i just went for my first time today.

Im 15. And im going to try to eat healthy, and me and my mom go there 2-3 times a week for about 2 hours(sometimes more)
I plan on going to the tredmill(fast walking) for 30 minutes, the recumbent bike for 30 minutes and the Elliptical Trainer for also 30 minutes.
I'm 160 pounds and 5'6. I want to get toner and tighter before summer, do you think this will work? How much weight do you think i will weigh before summer?

For some reason, i want to push myself to the limit, i want to lose weight NOW, i always try to over exercise.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by kelsey

The right combination of diet / exercise and healthy habits will melt off extra weight/fat like magic.

Try to use as many ideas as you can (listed below) and if you can integrate them into your life as HABIT then not only will you LOSE A LOT OF WEIGHT really fast, you'll also RETAIN a healthy weight when you reach it.

Try the exercising, calorie-shifting/cycling, calendar keeping, and tips for a two weeks. THE RESULTS ARE STUNNING!

Even better, if you can keep it up for longer than two weeks you'll be healthier, happier, more attractive, more energetic, and just over all better.

Anyway, you sound like you're on the right track, so just stick to it and stay motivated.

————-The Weight Loss Plan————-

1. MOTIVATION: Set easy to reach goals to stay motivated & keep a calendar to mark progress on certain days. This helps you stick to the plan. In fact, make a simple reward system to add more motivation. The recommended goals is 1 – 2 pounds every week (which is 52 – 104 lbs. A year), although some people (the hard-core dieters / exercisers) do lose faster than others (as in 5 – 10 lbs a week depending on the person). Try weighing on Saturday Mornings for the calendar.

2. DIET: Set up an easy, FLEXIBLE, diet plan. I highly recommend Calorie Cycling (aka: zigzag dieting). It's probably the most effective & flexible of the diets out there. Tip: Break down your days into about 5 – 6 smaller meals to help metabolism. Also, drink a lot of water or green tea. You don't have to completely cut the foods you love, but do cut down on the not so healthy stuff (consider them a treat or a reward).

3. EXERCISE: I know, yuck, right? But it has to be done. There are many ways to make it more enjoyable though. Do sports with a friend (eg. Tennis) or join a class (eg. Yoga, pilates, swimming).

Or you add something like a stroll through the park on certain days. Heck, I used DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and that worked very very well for me (although I recommend having two or three different games so you don't get bored with the songs). There are articles on the internet of people who have lost weight playing DDR. Biking, swimming, jogging, etc. Are also good alternatives. If you can do it with friends, even better!

That said, considering you've got the treadmill, I'd say you're on track. To help keep it interesting, try listening to music or watching TV as you run.

Also, weight-lifting is excellent for weight loss for increased muscle mass overtakes fat and increases metabolism which INCREASES WEIGHT LOSS.

**By the way, women do not get bulky from building muscles unless they use steroids or other drugs. Weight lifting makes women SLIMMER, more TONED, STRONGER, and MORE ATTRACTIVE.**

By the way, you should definitely include exercises that work the core muscles. Those really tighten up the abs on top of weight loss and reduced back pain (or risk of back pain). If possible, take up pilates.

***Make sure to mix up your work outs often (change it up every week or two), otherwise your body will get use to it and it won't be as helpful/effective anymore. Combining cardio with resistance training is a must! Also, do not forget to do a lot of stretching!***


Here are some guidelines that will greatly help:

1. METABOLISM & PORTIONS: Instead of 3 huge meals, split your days into 6 smaller meals. This will keep your blood sugar steady and actually boost your metabolism. Make sure to watch your portions! Portion guideline can be found on the internet. Over-eating, no matter how healthy the meal, will be a set back (think sumo wrestlers, who eat super healthy meals, just in extremely large proportions).

I have friends with ridiculously high metabolisms. They eat, I mean really eat but are super thin. I've watched them and found that they are unconsciously doing the calorie-cycling (it's their habit, their life-style). Actually, I think calorie cycling was modeled after the behavior of really skinny, high metabolism people.

2. HYDRATION: Drink tons and tons of water. In fact, keep a large water bottle with you. Not only does it soothe the stomach pangs that are often mistaken for hunger (thus leading to over-eating), but it also flushes your system and keeps you well hydrated. A lot of diets that make it look like you're losing weight fast are only losing water weight instead of actual fat, which is very unhealthy (dehydration, anyone?).

3. FLAVORED DRINKS: When in need for a flavored drink, green tea is the way to go. It has excellent health benefits. Try to avoid sodas, concentrated juices, and other junk if possible. Remember, excess sugar is the enemy of a great body! If you absolutely must drink a juice (and don't wish to toss the plan), go for freshly squeezed, 100% fruit juice with little to no sugar.

4. HEALTHY INDULGENCE: If you really need to indulge go with a fruit smoothie (which is usually made of milk [calcium/vitamin D], some sort of low-fat yogurt [calcium/vitamin D], and a large combo of fruits [more vitamins]).

Even better, try going for green smoothies (which basically have green, leafy veggies added, but still retain a great taste). Smoothies are a great way to get in a large serving of fruits & veggies while still enjoying the meal.

You can find great healthy smoothie recipes online. Some have added things with different benefits (like multivitamins, whey, etc.). For muscle building, check out protein smoothies.

5. PROTEIN: Fish and lean meats are very good. Remember portion control. Avoid or cut down fatty or red meats if possible. A good meal to use is a chicken salad (although limit the dressing to a Table Spoon or less). Avoid or cut down on fried foods (way too much oil and fat).

6. RE-ENERGIZE: Healthy sleeping schedule. Get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep. You won't believe how much more energy you'll have from this.

7. SNACKING: For between meal snacks, try carrying around a little bag of sliced fruits or veggies (with a little dressing). Also, consider a small bag of healthy cereal (preferable the ones you can eat with your fingers), pretzels (watch the salt), or a small peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

Well, if you need any more ideas, feel free to just ask.

Good Luck!

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