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Breakfast may be less beneficial than you think (kfor)

"Eat breakfast!" nutrition experts have been telling us for decades. It revs your metabolism! It keeps you from overindulging at lunch! It helps you lose weight! But a new study suggests the "most important meal of the day" may not be so important — at least for adults trying to lose weight. Published Wednesday in […]

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Night Owls May Be Less Active, Less Motivated To Exercise Than Morning People –

Night Owls May Be Less Active, Less Motivated To Exercise Than Morning Peoplemalaysiandigest.comNight owls seem to have a harder time sticking to an exercise routine, according to a small new study. Later bedtimes … The majority of the healthy adults were intermediate types, while 20 percent were morning birds and about 12 percent were night owls.and more »

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Exercise routine and healthy eating plan?

I'm 16 years old and I really want to lose weight cause i am 5'2 (157cm) and weigh 53kg so pretty much i'm fat. I have a treadmill at home and a yoga mat and i sometimes do yoga and pilates and go for a walk on the treadmill cause i don't have very good knees to run on, like a doctor didn't tell me that, it just hurts when i run on the treadmill. So i need a healthy eating plan and exercise routine. I have a healthy cereal for breakfast with strawberries and soy milk (I'm vegetarian – i don't eat any meat/animals. And i avoid dairy as much as possible) then for lunch i have just a sandwich with vegemite and vegan butter, for dinner it's always different things. But i snack heaps, especially on weekends and at friends houses. I get home from school at about 4ish and my dad doesn't get home till 5:30-6ish. If anyone could help me that would be great!

Posted by Nicola

Well you could start out simple first. Like for the first few days cut back a bit. Maybe don't have that dressing on the salad. Or have water instead of soda. Stuff like that. Start simple. Then slowly go to the diet part. Where you have a apple instead of a brownie. Or yogurt instead ofice creamm. Then start exercising and dieting. This is a slow process but much simpler because you can adjust easier.

Now for fast weight lose )like what your doing to keep motivated) do this. Take ten exercises you can do at home and crank you favorite tunes while doing this. Like this

1.sit ups
2. Jumping jacks
3. Squat thrusts (squats but push your arms out when you squat then pull them back in, basically getting arms in volved in squats
4. Crunches
5.push ups( on your knees if you have to but fininsh the set)
6. On your hands and knees and kick a leg back (for the but)
7.elbow to knee crunches ( for obliques)
8.side leg lifts
9. Stand up and kick a leg forward while puching arms out forward
10.get on back with legs in air then bring on leg to the stomack to the other.

Do eack of there for one minute and DON'T take breaks in between them. The only break you should take is switching from each e xercise. It should only take a few seconds to switch though. Do these for as long as you can. After you do all ten have some water and start up again. I recomend this you do this 3-6 times a day which will give you a 30 – 60 min workout. Do it longer if you can!

Also biking is a great idea! If you have a spin bike you can even use it while watching TV! Or you can bike out side. If it is to cold out side then take you cars out of your garage and do some circling around in there. ( thats what i do because i have a outdoor bike only, I just take the cars out and bike for a hour or more!

Also cut these things out of your diet
-white bread
juice( only have fresh squezzed because the store bought stuff have a lot of sugar)
sweets (cupcakes,cakes,chocolate candy etc)
red meat
salad dressing

there are many more but those are basic ones…

Can a healthy diet and exercise routine make up for depression?

I'm a creature of habit, I eat no junk food, I don't lead an entirely sedentary lifestyle, but I've lots of psychological issues and am lonely. I'm wondering if depression and isolation can cancel out the positive effects of good food, as I do fall sick more often than others and am underweight no matter how much i eat.

Posted by Amelie B

A healthy diet and exercise is certainly a good idea for pretty much anyone. However, if you have a case of more major clinical depression, it is probably not enough by itself and a good idea to see a doctor in addition.

Exercise does have certain psychological benefits, and it releases endorphins, which can make you feel good. Here is some info on that: Http://…

But depression and isolation will not cancel out the positive effects of good food. Healthy food is still healthy. In my case, at least, I know I felt better when I stopped eating junk food 24/7 and started eating healthier and started exercising.

Does this sound like a healthy diet or exercise routine.?

Eat oatmeal with yogurt in the morning, drink water, bike 20 min to school bus,5 or 10 min break eat lunch or snack. 11:20 am break, run around field until 11 45 class starts again. Eat snack again in another 5 min or 10 min break. After school, walk to school bus, bike 20 min home. Eat dinner around 7, after an hr run. Thursday is a break. Weekend exercise 2 hrs. How intense should it be? I wonder if i will even have time to do that much exercise everyday but i want it done. If I made it really intense does that mean I could cut down on it? Usually when I work out, the next day its not even soar or anything, only when i weight train.

Posted by Tanja

You didn't post what food you are eating for lunch, snack and dinner so can't comment on the diet. Sounds like exercise may be excessive — over 2hrs per day?

Consider joining your local Y or community centre for balanced exercise classes and to learn about safe exercise.

In Women with Gestational Diabetes, Exercise Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Women who have gestational diabetes — a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and usually ends after the baby's delivery — can lower their risk of later developing type 2 diabetes by starting up an exercise routine, a new study has found. Having gestational diabetes may provide an opportunity for patients to recognize their increased risk of type 2 diabetes and take steps to prevent it ……

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