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Drop the Yo-Yo: 10 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss (fitsugar)

There's no fad diet or miracle pill that will change your body overnight, but losing weight is within your reach – it just might take a little longer than you'd like. Consider this: when you lose weight at a slow and healthy pace, you'll be more likely to keep it off for good. If you're done with the days of yo-yo dieting, these 10 tips are the emotional stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle.
1. **Start small**: Chances are, if in the past, you've tried to change everything all at once, few of your intentions have stuck for good. The answer to staying committed for the long haul is to start small. Make one positive shift every week, instead of overwhelming yourself with a bunch of changes at once.
2. **Find out what fuels you**: Whatever your true motivation is, tap into it, and use it. Is it about fitting into a ton of clothes tucked away in the back of your closet? Is it about being lighter and more active, so you can run around outside with your kids? Getting serious about your long-term goals will keep you committed to …


KentuckyOne Health launching Healthy Lifestyle Centers – The Courier-Journal

KentuckyOne Health launching Healthy Lifestyle CentersThe Courier-JournalKentuckyOne Health has opened the first of three "Healthy Lifestyle Centers," which aim to provide medically-supervised exercise, nutrition counseling, stress management and personal health coaching in one of the nation's sickest states. Officials are …and more »

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Healthy lifestyle?

Im 17 and i am a little overweight. I need hel in how to drop maybe 10-15 pounds. I was thinking treadmill. Any other suggestions as far as weight lifting or push ups sit ups?
Do you HAVE to eat healthy in order to lose weight? Or if you exercise will that be enough.

Posted by Ferretguy

Eating healthy and exercising is the only way to lose weight and to keep it off. Weights and running are good ways to lose weight. But please eat healthy. Don't starve yourself.

Help on exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle!?

I've been working out about 30 minutes every day, for the past four days. I'm really motivated to become healthier & start committing to a healthier lifestyle earlier on (I'm 15) so that when I'm older, I won't have to start re-exercising as life becomes more hectic. Anyway, I'm not going on some crash diet to drop pounds, but I just want to become healthier so that my heart rate is lowered for running a mile, and simpler tasks can be done without as much effort. I've lately been doing crunches, squats, arm sets that tone bicepts& tricepts, and wall sits. Is there anything else you can recommend for me? Thanks!

Posted by Snow:)

All I can really recommend is that you eat healthy! As long as you eat healthy, and get at least 30-45 minutes of exercise each day,, you will be living a healthy lifestyle in no time! It's hard at first with eating completely healthy, but it gets easier!

Healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle?

I have high blood pressure and would like some practical tips on making changes to my lifestyle to improve my health overall.

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The Mayo Clinic recommends the DASH diet—Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.It includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, and reducing the amount of saturated and total fat you eat. (That means you have to cut back on meat.) Also, you should decrease salt intake, and make sure you have enough potassium in your diet.

Other lifestyle-related things you can do include exercising regularly, losing weight if you are overweight, not smoking, limiting alcohol, managing stress and learning relaxation techniques.

So, one thing you can do is look for healthier alternatives to red meat, such as chicken, turkey, fish, beans, tofu, etc. You can try hot dogs made of chicken or turkey (watch the sodium and fat content, though), meatless chili or chili with ground turkey. You could experiment with vegetarian meals, too. Boca Burgers are a frozen veggie burger that is good on the grill. Try Asian and Indian cuisines for inspiration—there are many delicious vegetable dishes in those cuisines.

Don't look at it as giving up meat—look at it as an opportunity to try new foods and get healthier.

Incorporate Exercise into your Daily Routine to Control Diabetes

Exercise is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. When coupled with a healthy diet, exercise puts men and women on a path toward optimal health while reducing risk for a host of ailments, including diabetes. But many people find they simply don’t have the time to exercise regularly. Commitments to career and family can Read More… The post Incorporate Exercise into your Daily Routine to …


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