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Drop the Yo-Yo: 10 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss (fitsugar)

There's no fad diet or miracle pill that will change your body overnight, but losing weight is within your reach – it just might take a little longer than you'd like. Consider this: when you lose weight at a slow and healthy pace, you'll be more likely to keep it off for good. If you're done with the days of yo-yo dieting, these 10 tips are the emotional stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle.
1. **Start small**: Chances are, if in the past, you've tried to change everything all at once, few of your intentions have stuck for good. The answer to staying committed for the long haul is to start small. Make one positive shift every week, instead of overwhelming yourself with a bunch of changes at once.
2. **Find out what fuels you**: Whatever your true motivation is, tap into it, and use it. Is it about fitting into a ton of clothes tucked away in the back of your closet? Is it about being lighter and more active, so you can run around outside with your kids? Getting serious about your long-term goals will keep you committed to …


Healthy Living: Be kind to your heart and exercise – Northamptonshire Telegraph

Healthy Living: Be kind to your heart and exerciseNorthamptonshire TelegraphSonia Mathieson from Slimming World in Corby writes about the effects of lack of exercise. The results of an Australian study were released recently. The researchers found that lack of exercise is a bigger risk for heart health in women aged 30 or …

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Healthy exercise?

I'm trying to get my life on track by eating healthy and exercising, however after a weeks trial i'm finding the exercise bit hard as have horrible asthma! What is a good form of exercise that will help me tone up and burn fat (fast :P) without giving me an asthma attack!?

Posted by missmcr


Healthy diet/exercise?

Should i eat salad with chicken everyday to lose weight or can i eat whatever i want but in small portions.
I have lost 25lbs buy eating healthy and exercising for 1hr 5days a week. But recently i gained 2lbs. I know not a big deal but i want to be 110 not 117lbs.
Also should i ride my stationary bike everyday or should i switch days by doing different exercises.
I am 17 years old
weigh 117lbs

Posted by yeliz

Firstly, you are way over reacting. You can gain 2 lbs. Just from the meals you eat and you can lose it just from sweating from exercises. Your body weight fluctuates throughout the day. What you want to monitor is the range of your weight. Measure your empty weight before your first meal or drink and compare it to your weight at the end of the day.

Secondly, what is so magical about being 110 lbs? You need to understand that weight is not the prime indicator of health. It is body fat percentage. Low weight and low body fat are not the same thing. And just low in weight does not mean good health. Someone who is low in body fat can look slim. If you do not have excess fat, then there is no reason to lose weight.

Thirdly, exercising 1 hour at 5 days a week is the upper safe limit. You are not going to significantly lose more weight by going 6 or 7 days a week, but you will be increasing the likelihood of injuries from the repetitive motion. Although stationary bikes are lower impact on the joints, it is not zero impact. You still need some downtime to rest and recuperate.

Finally, you are doing great. You should feel good about your accomplishment of losing 25lb. This is no small feat. Try to relax a bit more.

I Eat healthy and exercise but i cant lose weight :(?

Im naturally well i wouldnt say fat but im naturally kinda chubby i have a bellly and when i sit down i look pregnant witch im not im 14 and my butt sticks out my mom says its cute and its better then being a stick but i dont think boys will like it. My boobs arent that big but they do come out further then my stomach so i think thats good the tops of my ares are chubby but people say im cute so idk. I eat real healthy but i never lose any weight ands its upsetting me because some of the mean boys in my school call me fat while other think im not so i hide under hoodies pjs etc because i think im fat my mom saids its my bone structure that im looking at but idk and i just cant lose weight and im upset ive tried everything and im afraid ill never get married besides my fear of looks i have soical anxiety and whenever i make a friend i always lose them idk y but if i cant keep a friends how will i get a husband Help :( 1o points for the best explainjed answer that you =/

Posted by SnowPrincess

Eating healthy helps you MAINTAIN your weight, it does not entirely help you lose it. To lose weight, you actually need to be exercising more than you do on average (30 min – 60 min a day) AND you need to keep eating healthy foods. I'm alike to you, whereas I don't eat junk food like most kids do, I eat healthy foods too, but I couldn't lose weight either. To lose weight, you need to exercise, no matter what anyone tells you. Exercising will help you shed inches and pounds while helping you gain muscle. Try doing at least 30 min of cardio (running/jogging/walking) everyday. For best results, do 60 min 5-6 days a week. On top of that, keep eating healthy foods, but also don't eat too much.

It's hard to say whether you're fat or not, but many people's excuses for fatness is being "big-boned". You can still be thin while being "big-boned" so don't let that be an excuse for yourself. If you aren't happy with yourself, than try losing weight and see how it goes for you.

And don't worry about your butt, guys are attracted to it. No one likes a flat butt.

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Lifestyler with Josie McKenlay: 10 ways to stay motivated

The aim of most of my clients is to lead a healthier lifestyle and through a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, they achieve it. There are times, though, when we all struggle and perhaps we start to lose our motivation. Indulge yourself over a weekend away, have a day or two off from exercise, allow yourself something from the “forbidden foods” list.